Invision theme is a blog/magazine style theme built with Ionic Framework and now made to work with your WordPress site.

If you are interested in our theme you can buy it from here.
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  • First you should have Ionic Framework installed on your computer. Detailed steps can be found here: http://ionicframework.com/getting-started/
  • Open Terminal App on your Mac or Windows Command Line (CMD) on you windows machine
  • Choose where to start your project and run the following command:
    $ ionic start myApp blank
    (myApp is the name of your app and can be changed to anything you want)
  • Browse to the newly created folder:
    $ cd myApp
  • Unzip the content of the downloaded ZIP file to this folder using your favourite ZIP program and override the files and folders when prompted.
  • Follow these steps to setup SASS locally

Files structure

Ionic apps are built with Cordova. Cordova is a means of packaging html/css/js into apps that can run on mobile and desktop devices and provides a plugin architecture for accessing native functionality beyond the reach of JS run from a web browser. As such, Ionic apps have the Cordova file structure.
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AdMob Plugin Pro

This AdMob Cordova plugin enables Google Ads, including AdMob / DFP (doubleclick for publisher) and mediations to other Ad networks.
$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-admobpro
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